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-[To Read, Or Not To Read?]- **Zexion oneshot**

Nix: All right, everyone. This is another Kingdom Hearts oneshot which I found. However, I snagged this one from Quizilla, not FF.Net. That fact alone should tell you a little about its quality. This fanfiction is an OC/Zexion ‘love story.’ After playing "Kingdom Hearts: 3D" I have become slightly more lenient about pairing fan characters up with the Organization. However, as this fanfiction was written back in 2009, she does not have the same excuse that the fans have now. Therefore, I will be sporking this without 3D in mind.

The Suethor’s name is ShininStar619. You should remember that username for later, as my first multi-chapter fanfiction sporking is going to be from her.


Name: Serinity Wulffen

Riku: Who did you say that this girl is?
Nix: She is a girl who lives with Organization XIII.
Riku: With a name like that? Where’s the X in her name? It’s a defining characteristic for the Nobodies.

Nicknames: Wulfie
Age: 13

Riku: What’s a THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD doing in the Organization?!
Nix: Riku, look at the number again.
Riku: What about... *trails off* Really?
Nix: I’m pretty sure that it’s not supposed to be symbolic or anything. According to her profile, the author was thirteen when she wrote this. It’s just a blatant Self-Insert.

Height: 4’9”
Weight: 75lb
Personality: timid, curious, quiet

Nix: She forgot to put hyper, loud, rude, and stupid. I really hate profiles. Have I mentioned that?

Hair Color: picture to waist
Eye Color: violate

Nix: Well, I certainly feel violated.
Riku: The Suethor either didn’t edit this or thought that putting that “e” at the end would somehow make it look more fancy.
Nix: She didn’t and it doesn’t.

Race: human…….ish (has bird wings

Nix: If she has BIRD WINGS then she isn’t human, now is she?


Riku: That’s not the standard Organization outfit.
Nix: No, it isn’t. I don’t think that she’s even in the Organization. She probably just hangs out with them.
Riku: Because a bunch of heartless beings who have sacrificed thousands of people to Kingdom Hearts without evidence of any regret (sans Roxas and Xion) are exactly the kind of people I’d want to hang out with.

and a collar with a black rose charm on it
Talents: good with music music

Nix: What’s music music?
Riku: It’s a plea to find the missing comma.

(drums, guitar, and piano, her voice (chior), and flute- she loves her flute and will go no where with out it.

Riku: Is this actually important to the story?
Nix: No. In fact, this is the only time that her flute is mentioned.

I stalked through the corridors of Castle Oblivion, fists either side of me clenched. I was on a hunt...

Nix: (as Saïx): *doesn’t even look at clipboard* Your mission for today is to hunt the snipe.

For Axel and Roxas.

Nix: Come on, don’t any of these Sues have anything better to do then follow around Axel and Roxas?
Riku: Roxas wasn’t at Castle Oblivion. The one time that he did go there ended badly for him.
Nix: He fell into a coma. Roxas wasn’t even allowed in Castle Oblivion because that’s where Sora was getting his memories screwed with! *rubs forehead* I know that some people think that the Organization lived at Castle Oblivion, but they didn’t. They lived in The Castle That Never Was. It’s not even on the same WORLD as Castle Oblivion!

"AXEL! ROXAS! SHOW YOURSELVES!" I shouted, my voice bouncing of the walls. You're wondering exactly why I'm mad? Well, Roxas and Axel had played a 'practical joke' on me. Which wasn't as jokey as they'd thought.

Roxas had broken my guitar's strings, while Axel had burnt the one book

Nix: *aghast* That isn’t even close to a joke! Why would you burn a book?! Or break guitar strings?!
Riku: Roxas probably broke her guitar strings because she wouldn’t stop playing it as loud as she could in the middle of the night.

the I'd gotten from my secret crush...

Riku: —Lexaeus.
Nix: —Larxene.
Riku: —Vexen.
Nix: —Xaldin’s sideburns.


Riku: I really don’t understand why so many people like that guy.
Nix: I want to say it’s because he has sexy emo hair, pretty blue eyes, and a “cute face.” But I already know that it’s because he’s the voice of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.

"NEVER!" Axel's voice replied from somewhere, and I heard Roxas laughing. I scowled, and carried on searching, leaving my organisation coat unzipped,

Nix: Wow. She really spelled “Organization” wrong.
Riku: She’s just trying to be LuxordBritish.

showing off my clothes underneath.

Nix: Showing off? How like a Sue.

I mumbled curse words underneath my breath, as I heard snickering coming from around the corner. I smirked to myself, as I poked my head around the corner.

Nix: Behold Axel, the Nobody who was able to play the entire Castle Oblivion cast, as he gives away his position by being unable to contain his amusement.

"She's gonna kill us if she catches us, Axel." Roxas hissed at his flame haired bestfriend.

Riku: This is getting sad now.
Nix: I know. And it’ll only get worse.
Riku: Well, I might as well make use of the chance to do this... *roasts marshmallows over Fic!Axel’s head*

"Eh, don't worry. Wulfie wouldn't kill us. And anyways, she never touched that book.

Nix: That still doesn’t mean that you should have burned it! *throws pizza at Fic!Axel’s head*

She had it lying on her desk within reach!" Axel hissed back to Roxas, as he looked around for an exit.

Riku: I ran through thirteen floors of that castle. There are only two ways to get in or out: warping or the entrance.

"You ran us into a dead end, you idiot!" Roxas hissed once more, as I carelessly stepped out into the corridor, and smirked at them, resting my hands on my hips.

Nix: THEN WARP! Or better yet, ignore her! She’s THIRTEEN YEARS OLD! You are fifteen or sixteen, Roxas. Axel, you’re in your early twenties. What the heck is she going to do? Cry on you? Yeah, she might have some special elemental power, but Roxas has a Keyblade and Axel is pretty darn strong himself!

"WELL!" I shouted, making them yelp in surprise, and spin around, "Breaking my guitars strings, Roxy...

Riku: Roxy...?
Nix: It’s a fan-nickname for him. But it’s not something he’s been called in the games. Ever.

And you, Axel... Burning my gift from Zexion...

Riku: Zexion never struck me as the generous type.
Nix: He bribed her to make her leave him alone.

Nah, I don't like what you did there." I tutted, waveing a finger round, and shaking my head slightly,

Nix: Yeaahh... she definitely sounds like she’s a thirteen-year-old. A thirteen-year-old trying to sound “too cool for school.”
Riku: It sounds like she’s trying to draw a circle in the air or something.

"And now... You two will crash and burn!" I shouted, raising my fists in anger.

Nix: (as Axel): Heh, that’s cute. She thinks she can burn me.

Roxas made a small noise, and Axel just looked terrified.

Riku: As much as I hate the Organization, I have a little bit of respect for Axel. He wouldn’t be scared of a thirteen-year-old girl.

"Now, now, I don't think that that would be sensible, do you Serinity?" I spun around, as the other two let out sighs of relief.

Riku: Without the Sue paying attention to them, they could easily escape the fanfiction and return from Fandom Hearts.

"Z-Z-Zexion?!" I exclaimed, as he stared me down with his one eye that was showing. I took a step back, as Roxas and Axel ran past me, and dissapeared round the corner. Zexion sighed, and pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger.

Nix: (as Zexion): You honestly thought that you could overcome a Keyblader and Number VIII? If it weren’t for the Sue Author’s forcing me to step in, I should have had no qualms about letting natural selection take its course. There is no room in the Organization for foolish young girls.

"Serinity, please... They're already afraid of sleeping as it is with Larxene around...

Nix: Why? Roxas had no trouble sleeping in Days after he was first introduced to Larxene. Seriously, as much as I dislike her, I know she wouldn’t go around attacking her fellow Organization members for no reason. No, she has to stay unnoticed so that she and Marluxia can execute their plan to overthrow the Organization.

Please don't get them afraid of staying awake aswell..." He told me, as I scowled, and sat down on the floor, keeping my gaze on the tiled floor beneath me, refusing to look up at the 14 year old in front of me.

Riku: Zexion is not fourteen.
Nix: No, he isn’t. He looks like he’s anywhere from seventeen to twenty years old.

"I suppose so..." I mumbled, sulking like a child.

Riku and Nix: *together* You are a child!

He sighed, and knelt down in front of me, tilting my head up by my chin. I fought back the urge to blush, as he stared right at my eyes, his lips parted slightly, as if wanting to tell me something.
"L-listen..." Did he just... Stutter?

Nix: *long, suffering sigh* I’ve looked through this author’s other fanfictions. She makes male characters who are normally intelligent, confident, and sarcastic stutter if they have a crush on her Mary-Sue. I know that this Suethor is young, but ZEXION DOESN’T HAVE A HEART! He has a better reason not to stutter than any of the other males she’s massacred!

"What is there to listen to...?" I asked, staring back at him.

Riku: What a brat.

"I seriously need to tell you something now... Or express it..." He hesitated telling me, as his face got slightly closer to mine.

Nix: Okay, it sounds like Zexion is coming onto her in a more perverted way than was probably intended.
Riku: Nix, you are a pervert.
Nix: Don’t say that you weren’t thinking the same thing!
Riku: I wasn’t thinking anything close to that.

"O-oh? And what would that be?" I asked, letting a blush overcome my face.
"Well-" He started, but got interrupted by someone coughing.
"DINNER!" The teenage Luxord shouted, making Zexion retreat back from me, and stand up quickly.

Nix: Go Luxord! You will always be awesome in my book!
Riku: Why?
Nix: “I'd rather we just skip the formalities.”

"Luxord, just because you are 4 years older than us, does not mean you can shout at us."

Nix: No, it doesn’t. Especially since Zexion is Luxord’s superior.

Zexion reasoned calmly, as he quickly walked past the 18 year old, who was now smirking, and chewing a toothpick in between his teeth.

Nix: What?! Why? Luxord doesn’t need a toothpick to be cool! He’s already a suave, pirating British man! You’re turning him into Cid.

"Oh, such a spoil sport, Zexy-"
"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Zexion shouted back, as he started running away down the corridor.

Riku: How did this guy give me any trouble again?
Nix: Well, I guess he is fourteen in this... but I still think that Zexion, even at fourteen, would never raise his voice like that. He doesn’t need to. Even Vexen has a tendency to hush up whenever Zexion speaks.

"Anyways... Come on Wulfie, love. We gotta go, before Xemnas has a fit." Luxord lifted me to my feet as he held my arm, and dragged me down the corridor where Zexion had retreated through...

Riku: So, is she an Organization member or not?
Nix: Maybe. I mean, she probably is, but I refuse to see her as one because she doesn’t have an X in her name.

"LARXENE! GIVE ME BACK MY BOOK!" I heard Zexion shout, which was most unlikely for him.

Riku: It’s obviously not unlikely for this Zexion. He’s already shouted twice in just a few paragraphs.

I was dragged into the dining hall by Luxord, and placed on my seat, before he walked off to sit down.
"SETTLE DOWN NOW!" Xemnas' voice boomed from the end of the table, as everybody scurried to their seats.

Nix: *stares* I will admit to having made Xemnas completely OOC in some of my earliest attempts to write fanfiction, but never once did I make Xemnas talk in caps lock. There are some unspoken rules of writing KH fanfiction, and that is one of them.

I sighed, and leant my head on the table, "SIT UP, SERINITY!" Xemnas scolded me, as I slowly stood up.
"I'm not hungry." I stated, and stormed out, heading towards my room...

Nix: He could have you turned into a Dusk, you know. If that doesn’t inspire an urge to listen to him, then I don’t know what would.
Riku: What about the fact that he’s the leader of the Organization and she needs to listen to him or she won’t get her heart back?
Nix: Pfft. She’s a Sue. Hearts are unnecessary for them.

"Was he nearly going to kiss me?" I asked myself in a whisper, as I led down on my bed, and stared at the blank ceiling, "Does he... Does he like me?" I asked myself, once again in a whisper.

Nix: I’m not going to present any more arguments about the heart thing. Don’t want to sound like a broken record.

I closed my eyes, and started to relax, as I barely heard the knock at my door. Sighing, as I was getting frustrated, and got up, glancing at the pile of ashes that was once the gift Zexion had given me.

I walked over to the door, and slowly opened it, to reveal

Nix: —a giddy-looking Vexen holding a large beaker full of questionable substances.

a nervous looking Zexion, who was staring down at the floorspace in front of him, and in his grasp, he held a book. I raised an eyebrow, as he lifted his head, and opened his mouth to say something, then closing it as soon as he opened it.
"Zexion, may I ask... Is there something wrong?" I asked him in an innocent voice, smiling slightly.

Riku: She invaded his non-existence. Of course there’s something wrong.

He took in a sharp breath, and stepped forward a bit, making his lips come onto contact with mine. I stood there, shocked for the 5 seconds it lasted, and stayed like that even after the kiss stopped.

Nix: She was experiencing her deepest fear for daring to kiss Zexion.
Riku: But he kissed her.
Nix: I don’t care.

"That was what was wrong. I never got to express myself before. Oh, and here, I heard that your gift got burnt to a crisp." He smiled, a genuine smile, and took my hands, placing the book firmly into them, and closing my fingers over the spine.

Nix: *breaks* You don’t have HEARTS!!! Zexion shouldn’t care that her gift got burnt up! He shouldn’t be fourteen, either! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Riku: Nix, just calm down and put the table back.
Nix: ...┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

I shook my head, and leant forward, me kissing him this time. It lasted a bit longer though, as I pulled away and smiled sweetly.
"Goodnight, Zexion." I chirped, asI left him stood frozen on the spot, and closed my door.

Riku: ASL? What’s that? American Sign Language?
Nix: I think that’s supposed to be “as I”, except the space is missing.

I waltzed over to my bed, and fell back onto it. Feeling the books spine, I lifted it over my head to take a look at the books name.
Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare

I grinned, and thought for a moment. Wonder why he gave me this book? I let a happy sigh escape my lips, as I debated something in my head...

Nix: *opens mouth* *closes* *opens again* ...Romeo and Juliet is not a love story. I know that you probably think it is, but it isn’t. You were trying to make Zexion be romantic by giving you a ‘romantic’ book. But it isn’t a romantic love story. It was a relationship between a thirteen and seventeen-year-old that lasted three days and resulted in six deaths.

"To read, or not to read? That is the question..." I giggled at my foolishness,

Nix: Yes, because you are stupid.
Riku: That allusion was horrible. And look, it’s a title drop.

as I led the book on my pillow, and opened it to the first page, as I started to read.
OH GEEZ, I FORGOTS ALL ABOUT THIS ONESHOT Dx SORRY!! Anyways, I gots it done :P I'm happy ^^

Nix: It might have been better off unfinished. I mean, it was rather pointless. There wasn’t really a plot, no conflict, just fluff. Out of Character fluff, at that. Any comments, Riku?
Riku: Yeah, I have one. Stop pairing yourselves up with the Organization members, Suethors. It’ll end up getting you into a lot of trouble if you think that you can change a heartless monster who kills people.
Nix: Yeah, that about sums this up.

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