"Knock knock." "Who's there?" "Doctor." "..." (auriatetsukai) wrote in heartless_fics,
"Knock knock." "Who's there?" "Doctor." "..."

/puts on modhat

EDIT TO ANNOUNCE: We have a new community over at Dreamwidth! Please direct all future sporkings that-a-way!

More Editing! Your new mods/maintainers are clockworkpussy and plotmaster. The comm--and its fate--is now in your hands.

Hey, sporkers. Your friendly neighborhood only-mod-alive speaking. Now, as most of you are aware and some of you might not, I'm not a maintainer of this community, and the only maintainer actually left the internet quite a while ago. I don't have the ability to make any major changes to the comm or appoint anyone else as maintainers/staff.

That being said, LJ hurts my eyes now so I've fucked off to Dreamwidth along with the few RP's I'm in. If you guys are willing to put up with the potential of a much slower acceptance pace, I can and will still approve/reject sporkings straight from my email so I don't have to look at this disgusting layout. Otherwise, I'd highly recommend creating a new comm, just as we did those oh-so-many years ago when the trolls got in and spammed guro pics all over our front page. It wouldn't be the first move this comm has had to go through.

Let me know what you guys would prefer.
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