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Peadobearzerker! (For You: chapters 1-3)

Title: For You
Rating: One for OoC characters, one for incomprehension of the concept of consent and peadophilia, one for absolutely boring pacing and shitty prose.

I say/Notes: I'm a bit of a Saïx/Axel shipper, a pairing which I like for being about two adult men, who could possibly have a healthy concensual, equal relationship, if it weren't for their respective issues and past. When I found this, I found the opposite. So I figured it be great to spork, now I'm a year further, and I'm only halfway done(Mostly because in between the crap-peaks it's just incredibly boring). There's some really stupid shit in this fic, but for now I'll present you with the first three chapters, in which 'boy meets boy' and their respective characters are murdered to make them fit the seme-uke mold.

For You
Chapter One - Something More

Saïx teleports in, sees Axel sitting there waving at him.

Saïx: Don't tell me...
Axel: The pairing is us.
Saïx: *Sight*

Summary - All he needed was a little bit of love. He didn't realize that such a small gift would end up changing his life so drastically.

Saïx: *Gives Axel a buttefly knife*
Axel: Sweet! Thanks!
Saïx: Do you feel your life changing drastically yet?
Axel: ... Nope.
Saïx: Then give it back.
Axel: :(

Dislaimer - Really? Must I? You know I don't own!


Warnings - boylove, swearing, cheating, hinted sex, Pedophelia, alcohol, smoking, lotsa good stuff.
Pairing - SaixAxel


Axel didn't realize he was looking for someone until he found him, huddled up next to the wall, just letting the music brush over him and the sights and smells absorb into his skin.

Saïx: Typical.
Axel: Whoa, we've just started the fic and already the sentences have started running.

Maybe it was the bright head of blue hair or the golden orbs that flashed in the dark that caught the redhead's attention,

Axel: *Whistles* Golden orbs, huh? That ought to fetch a nice price.
Saïx: They flash too.

but by the time that he was moving across the dance floor, Axel was sure that he wanted to get to know this stranger. He noticed the 'X'-shaped scar on the man's nose as he neared and his interest peaked still higher.

Axel: My interest rivalled Mount Everest!
Saïx: Unusual fetishisms you have.

"Hey there," he called above the beats that pounded around them. The blue-haired man gazed at him before forcing his eyes away, determined to say that the redhead was not talking to him. "Hey, babe, c'mon; look at me before you shoot me down." Once more, the blue-haired man gazed at the teen that was smirking up at him.

Saïx: ...Babe?
Axel: At the least it isn't 'got it memorized'. Wait, aren't we, like, the same height?
Saïx: ...Yes?
Axel: Fuck THAT!
Saïx: ?
Axel: I got ukefied!

"You ... wouldn't be hollering at me, would you?"
Axel's smirk grew wider as he moved in closer to the man. "I am if you want me to be." How many times now had he managed to pick up a strange man at this club? It wasn't as though he was looking for something real. He just wanted someone to have some fun with.

Axel: You see, I actually pretend I'm some fiery-hearted uke, get some weird guy to follow me, and then, when we get to an abandoned alley...
Axel: ... I kick him real hard in the nads and run off twirling my evil mustache, laughing manically.
Saïx: You have a mustache?
Axel: It's invisible.

"Why don't we dance? C'mon, it'll be better than watching them all if you're the one having the fun."

Returning the smirk, the blue-haired man followed the teen, tentatively placing a hand on his hip while the redhead began to move to the beat. "Don't just stand there. Move. Dance. I don't want to be grinding against some lifeless hunk of flesh. Got it memorized?"

Axel: *Groans*
Saïx: Thankfully it seems we won't have to add 'Necrophilia' to the list of fetishes.
-snip- Blablabla is Axel even eighteen? -snip-

Axel heard the low groan that escaped the elder and his smirk was spreading ever further across his features. "Fine, kid. I'll let you get away with it for now, since you are obviously a fine catch."

"I'm glad you think of me as such."

Axel: Oooooh... 'witty banter'.
Saïx: *sight*

-snip-BLABLABLA, More witty banter.-snip-

The two danced for a while longer and Axel adored the feel of the heat rushing over his body. Saïx was still behind him, pressing their bodies together, making the teen moan lightly with the feeling of need prodding into his back.

Saïx: *stares at Axel*
Axel: Hey, don't look at me, it's not as if I know.

"Hey, let's go get something to drink, 'kay?"
Axel gripped the elder man's hand, dragging him towards the bar and sidling onto a stool, pulling Saïx up next to him. "I'm going to guess that you're having some fun."
"A blast," Axel sighed happily, looking around for the bartender, a large grin on his lips. The excitement was contagious and soon Saïx was smirking at the teen as he searched for the man that would give him his drinks.
"You're too young for alcohol, aren't you?"
"Shh! No one has to know! I'm eighteen in six months! That's close enough."

Axel: I'm TOTALLY old enough for alchohol.
Saïx: Doesn't matter, alchohol is prohibited in the world that never was.
Axel: Huh? Since when?
Saïx: Since someone decided to feed it to the dusks. They thought they were moths and started to bash into Kingdom Hearts.

Saïx stiffened, a chill visibly running over his body. Axel noticed this and turned to the elder man. "Everything okay?" The blue-haired man took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.
"You're ... seventeen? You're a minor."
"Shh! Not so loud! I don't wanna be kicked out."
"And I don't want to go back to jail."
"Ooh, I've been partying with jailbait all night? Wicked. Too bad. I was really getting to like you, Saïx. You were starting to like me too, weren't you?"

Axel: Ah, so you are adept in the art of badtouch!
Saïx: ...Aren't you the jailbait here?
Axel: Doesn't matter, what does however... *Searches in Macro folder* this:
Saïx the Pedobearzerker approves!

Saïx: *just stares at the picture... very very long*
Axel: Don't blame me, you're the peadophile here...

Saïx turned away from the redhead, placing his elbows on the counter. "You've gotta be kidding me. A minor. Hell yeah, I've started to like ya, Axel."
"You ... remembered."
"Most of the dicks around here forget my name before the end of the first song. You remembered."

Axel: (as fic-self) They kept calling me Axl instead of Axel!

"Proof enough that you are hot?"

Saïx: Incorrect, his previous conquests would have to at the least have remembered his name as well.

"Oh, I already knew that."

Axel: Dude, I'm so hot I'll incinerate you!

"Cocky to boot. What a winner you picked here, Saïx." Saïx buried his face in his hands before Axel moved closer to the man.
"Sorry to correct you, babe, but, technically, I picked you. Regret it?"

Saïx: Be careful, he'll replace you in a few years with a younger blonder model.
Axel: Hey!

Saïx leaned into the feel of the younger, letting his eyes close. He could feel the erratic beating of the redhead's heart as he was pulled close to the teen's chest. With much self-restraint, Saïx forced himself to sit up straighter, no longer leaning on the boy.
"Sadly, I don't."

Axel: Wow, even fic!you is tired of this...

-snip-Blah blah blah, they leave the bar and go to Saïx's car-snip-

"It's ... right over this way." Saïx felt a weird sense of anticipation bubbling up in his stomach. He opened the car door for the redhead, gaining a confused look from the younger. "Sorry for being so polite," he jeered, closing the door once the redhead was safely inside.
"Well, thanks. It's just ... most times when I get in with someone, they don't bother to even show me which car is theirs. All they want is to get in my pants."

Saïx: Axel, I think I need to have The Talk with you again sometime...
Axel: Fuck you.

"If it makes you feel any better, I don't need to get into your pants."
Axel faked a gasp as the elder put his car into reverse. "Oh no!" The redhead moved his hands up to his cheeks, mocking horror. "What are you planning on doing to me? You aren't going to kill such a sexy beast, are you?"

Saïx: Yes.
Axel: *valley girl accent* Oh my, this conversation is sooooo witty!

In the semi-darkness that filled the car, Axel could see the smirk sliding onto the scarred man's features.
"Don't make me fall for you, Axel."
"From the looks of it, that's already happened."
"Are you always such a smooth-talker?"
"Only when someone catches my interest."
"I have it then?"

Axel: Nah, this is just part of an act I do before stabbing you in the back.
Saïx: As expected from a traitor.

"Ooh, yeah. You're fine, Saï. I wanna see just how fine you are."

Axel: Sayee, Sai, Sayi...
Saïx: Axel, why are you singing?
Axel: ...Saya, Sa'ai... I give up, I have no clue how to pronounce that.

"So ... Then you ... You're the one that just wants in my pants?"

Saïx: Little did Saïx know he was the lead in a docu-soap on rape by minors...
Axel: 'wants in pants' Sounds like a bad sushi restaurant. 'Welcome to Wantsinpansu!!!'
Saïx: Let's not go there.

The duo were slipping through the city, the light from apartment buildings up above illuminating the two. Axel gazed with a puzzled expression at the driver, his eyebrows creasing in thought.
"That's not all you want, is it?"
"I want to get to know you better."

Axel: Oh god, this is going to be one of THOSE relationships isn't it?
Saïx: It sleeps, eats icecream and stabs your back. There's not much to know.

"That's different." Axel couldn't help the defeat that lined his voice as he turned to watch out through the window. He felt Saïx's hand move over to grip his bony knee and he couldn't help but shudder at the touch. It wasn't rough and needy like most of the men that he would encounter at the clubs. It held the prospect of being cared about. "How about we go back to my place, alright? Maybe you could get to know me better there."

Axel: What about my parents?
Saïx: *As Axels' mom* Axel, stop inviting paedophiles over, you should take an example to Saïx!
Axel: Great, now I miss my mom.

"What, no first date?"
"The first date comes later."

Axel: *as fic!Saïx* After you discover I'm a hobo living in this car. And that if you really love me, you have to pay for all my living costs.
Saïx: Wouldn't the whole events of this chapter qualify as a first date?

A small squeeze of his knee and Axel felt his hopes soar. Maybe things could be different this time.

Axel: I hope that every time I get here, usually it isn't.

"It's just down this street."
To Be Continued

I realized that it seems like a weird pairing, but, give it some time. I'm actually rather proud of this fic. :D

Axel: Yes, Saïx, we are such strange bedfellows! *puts arm aroun him*
Saïx: *Glares*
Axel: *Removes arm hastily*

And, yeah, in case you happen to be a regular, I think I'm giving up on the lyrics at the bottom because I am just too lazy. :D

Axel: Good, we've been spared that.
Saïx: How long do we have to be here for anyway?
Axel: Eighteen chapters.
Saïx: What!?
Axel: It's a completed fic. So better get comfortable I suposse.
Saïx: Ugh...

For You

So there really are SaixAxel fans out there. I never would have guessed. I thought I was the only crazy one! Thanks for the love!

Chapter Two - Difference

"Axel? Are you feeling alright?"

Axel: No. I'm stuck in a badfic!

The redhead smirked at his two best friends. "Of course. Never better. Why?"

Saïx: Because you seem to have a giantic hole in your stomach.
Axel: Two best friends... Roxas and Xion!?
Saïx: Tchk.
Axel: What? According to this story we're screwing.

The shorter of the two blondes scowled at the taller as he gripped his book bag, forcing the shoulder strap higher. "You were out clubbing last night, weren't you?" Axel pouted at the younger's stern tone.

Axel: Two blondes? I'm best friends with Naminé and Larxene?!
Saïx: Larxene's influence might explain your promiscuity with men.

"You say that like it's a bad thing, Roxy. How could you tell?"

Saïx: Because of the hole in your stomach?
Axel: Oh, I see, Roxas is now a chick named Roxy!

"It is a bad thing!"


Saïx: Because it'll kill you.

Axel crossed his arms over his chest, blocking the small blonde before he could go anywhere. Roxas glared up at his best friend before looking to the other blonde for help. "Demyx, tell him why it's a bad thing! Please?"

Saïx: Axel, listen to me, holes in ones stomach aren't healthy.
Axel: Demyx is a chick now?
Saïx: It's just the author not knowing that blonde refers to women, leave it.

Demyx glanced between his two best friends, sighing. "Axe, you came in this morning with one of your 'I-just-got-laid' smirks. That's how we could tell. And the reason why that is a bad thing is because neither of us wants anything bad to happen to you."

Saïx: Like holes...
Axel: ...In you stomach. Also, it's AXEL not axe, I'm not a fucking lumbering tool, got it memorized?
Saïx: *Rolls eyes*

Emerald orbs were rolled and Axel allowed the blonde bombshell to shove past him. "Roxas ... You think I'm going to get AIDs or something?"

"Or something."

Both: ...Like holes in your stomach.

The redhead felt something falter in his chest, hurt and anger spilling over him. He was about to snap at the blonde, but heard his phone ringing from the depths of his pocket.

Pulling the sleek cell phone into the open, he flicked it open without looking at who was calling. "Axel here."

Axel: *as person on the other side* Hello, mister Anderson.

"Hey, Axel. I hope now isn't a bad time."

Axel: Aha, it's one of those merketing centers!

"Y-You called? You're actually calling me?"

Axel: I actually am happy with the call it seems.
Saïx: Unsurprisingly.
Axel: ... Hey!

The redhead fell back against the lockers, feeling his heart slam in his chest as he recognized the voice that was ringing in his ears. He could hear that chuckle and it made his hurt and anger fade away.

Axel: uh...
Saïx: Later that day, Axel died of a heart attack.

"You didn't think I would?"

Axel: *stares at Saïx for a good moment* No.
Saïx: Tchk.

"Well, I never really gave my number to anyone else before, so ..."

"You aren't busy right now, are you?"

"Just on my way to first period."

"Oh, well, if I'm interrupting something -"

"No, no! I'm glad you called. Really I am." Axel could feel himself begin to heat up and he wondered why his body was behaving the way it was. "You just saved me from a nasty argument with a couple of my friends."

Axel: The one about the hole in his chest?
Saïx: I believe it was his stomach.
Axel: Ah, see, I knew it wasn't about chests.
Saïx: I think it was about something else entirely.
Axel: *Shrugs*

"Glad I could be of some service." Axel smiled, feeling his chest constrict. Forcing himself away from the cooling metal, Axel began to follow the trail of the two departed blondes, knowing the route by heart.

"So, what's up?"

"I was just wondering ... you free for lunch?"

"First date the day after?"

Axel could hear the smile in the elder man's voice. "I don't see why not? Unless you don't feel like it."

"Oh, calm down. I'm not some breakable kid, you know."

"I learned this last night."

Axel: *As fic-Saïx* After all, I tried to karate chop you in half, and it didn't work!
Saïx: And so the domestic violence begins...

"That you did, babe, that you did.

Axel: *as fic self* Seriously though, I'm not into that kinda thing.

How about you pick me up? Outside the theatre?"

"Great plan, if I knew what school you went to."

There was a tinge of discomfort on the word 'school'. Axel put it out of his mind. "Twilight High."

Axel: *Takes out a notebook and scribbles something down*
Saïx: *Looks on curiously*
Axel: Destiny High still has the lead.
Saïx: Ah.

"Alright. What time?"

"Well, I get out for lunch at twelve thirty."

"So, twelve thirty by the theatre doors?"

Axel cracked into a smile. "It's a date."

Again, that smile was weaved into Saix's words. "That makes me happy."

"Me too."

Saïx: Oh, we're so wonderfully in touch with our emotions!
Axel: So, how does that make you feel?

"See you later."


It took either male a moment to hit the end button, wondering if the other would call them back to take their mind away from their problems. Axel was the first to end the call, sighing afterwards. He had never been so caught up in one that he had met at a club. His good mood wasn't even dispelled by the glare he was receiving from Roxas as he sat down beside the blonde. Demyx was instantly leaning closer to him.

Axel: Roxas casts dispel: mood.

"Who was that? Was it him?"

Axel feigned innocence. "Him who?" Demyx rolled his aquamarine orbs at the redhead.

"Him, him! The one from the club last night!" Axel was unable to hide the smirk that was spreading over his lips. He hadn't told either blonde about Saïx, knowing that they would both disapprove in his choice of company. There hadn't been much talking between the frantic brushes and kisses, but one thing that Axel had learned was the fact that Saïx was ten years his elder. Neither blonde would enjoy hearing that their best friend slept with someone so 'old'. Axel didn't care how old he was. All that mattered to the redhead was the heat that rushed to his cheeks whenever he would think about the blue-haired man.

Axel: Pfffft.
Saïx: ?
Axel: Huff huff, hey, huff huff, how old are you anyway? Huff huff.
Saïx: ... I did not need that mental image.

"Yeah, Dem, it was him."

"Oh, I called it! What's his name? Does he go to our school?"

"He met him at the club, Demyx. He wouldn't go to our school. He probably wouldn't go to any school. How old this time, Axel?"

Axel glared at the younger blonde, his mood almost threatening to come crumbling down. "It doesn't matter how old he is. Saïx is a great guy."

Axel: Except when he starts acting all creepy and assholish and wants you to kill one of your friends. Otherwise, GREAT guy!
Saïx: She disgusts me.

"So you say when you were probably both out of your minds, drunk."

Saïx: Out of our minds AND drunk!
Axel: Dangerous combination, that.

"Just so you know, smart ass, neither of us had anything to drink!" Axel glared at what was supposed to be his best friend before turning to face the front of the class, annoyed at the blonde.

Axel: We were totally dehydrated by the end of the evening!
Saïx: I see the fic author at least got the drama queen aspect of you right.
Axel: *glares*
Saïx: *Unaffacted*


Axel took a deep breath before looking at the innocent blonde. "So what?" Demyx flashed him a pearly smile, supposedly to be reassuring.

"Tell me about him. You looked so happy when you walked in here. Like, more happy than your 'I-just-got-laid' happy. So? Tell me?"

Sighing, Axel couldn't help but smirk as he replayed his conversation with the man. He shrugged, attempting to seem nonchalant, but ending up just looking like he was hiding some giant secret. "He has a scar over his nose in the shape of an 'x', like this," Axel hushed, marking the scar over the blonde's nose. "And his hair. Oh, his hair. It's the brightest blue I've ever seen. Real pretty."

Saïx: This is mildly disturbing.
Axel: ... Actually Roxas's eyes are more blue. You're more of a Kairi's eyes-blue.
Saïx: *Looks funny at Axel*

"How old is he?" Demyx was only curious and meant no harm by what he asked. Axel's smirk faltered slightly.


"And he's slept with a high-school student? Axel, that's illegal!"

Saïx: They say it like his age actually mattered here.
Axel: ?
Saïx: If I were a minor it would've been just as illigal, of course, they don't seem to care about age difference as much as that it is illigal.
Axel: Of course not, that would be sensible.

"Who asked you? Butt out, shit head."

"Don't pretend it's not my business!" Roxas was shaking, anger pouring from him. Axel rounded on him, fed up with how nothing was ever good enough for him.

Axel: Yes... Roxas is so incredibly picky.
Saïx: Bothersome, isn't it?

"It isn't your business, Roxas. I can date whomever I wish. Or is it because you want it to be you in my bed?"

Axel: uh... Let's not go there...

That accusation held the blonde up firm, gaping, at a loss for words. Finally he gained his bearings while the redhead smirked, triumphant. "You know very well that I am not into guys, Axel. You're disgusting."

Axel: That's a new one.
Saïx: He's taking it pretty well.

"Must be pretty gay for hangin' around with Dem and me."

Saïx: What is fic-you trying to achieve here exactly?
Axel: *holds up hands* I don't know...

The elder blonde squeaked, wincing. "Hey, don't drag me into this!"

*Demyx teleports in*
Demyx: Yeah, don't drag me into this! ...Wait, what are we on about?

Neither teen paid Demyx any mind. "What, so now I'm not allowed to be straight to be your friend?"

Axel: Does anyone ever pay any attention to Demyx?
Saïx: Who?
Demyx: *Failing at teleporting out* Aw, damnit, I'm stuck here!

"I'm not having this argument right now, Roxas. I don't need you to kill my high."

Demyx: ♫Don't stop me nooooow!♫
Saïx: Stop that.
Demyx: Aw, c'mon!

"You're high?"

Axel: No, but I wish I was.
Demyx: What is going on anyway?

"Saïx is taking me out to lunch today."

Saïx: I'm taking Axel out to lunch.
Axel: Obviously.
Demyx: That's all?

The younger blonde bristled, huffing. "Whatever."

Demyx: Naminé?
Axel: No, Roxas.
Demyx: Roxas is a girl in this?

Axel was glad when the bell to begin first period rang through their tense class.

To Be Continued

Okay, so, Saix is a little old, but, really, there is sixteen years difference between my parents, so, get over it. :D

Saïx: Old? You call that old!?
Axel: Why Saïx, don't you see, you are ancient, barely functional. Death is around the corner!
Saïx: If I'm old, then what would Xaldin be? Hell, what would Vexen be?
Axel: Dead and undead. Hence why Vexen's so popular: Chicks dig the undead these days.
Demyx: Wait, is this one of those YAOI fics again?

Axel: Why are you even here?
Demyx: Because I can't teleport out anymore.

Cid: No, but you can't teleport out if that means that there's less then four people sporking the fic!

Axel: What the hell? I never heard of that rule!
Cid: *shugs* Just shut up and do your job already!

Axel wasn't paying any attention when the vehicle pulled up close to where he sat on the concrete step, sulking slightly. The edge of the argument still cut into him and he had almost forgotten about meeting with the man from the night previous. It wasn't until a horn nudged him from his lull that the excitement began to build once more. He caught sight of the blue spikes belonging to the driver and his heart began to thud in his chest.

The moment he sat himself down, buckling up, he leaned over and gave the man a quick peck on the cheek. Saïx smirked, looking over at the teen before heading off. "What was that for?"

Demyx: Oh, *points at Axel and Saïx* you two are the pairing!
Saïx: I can't believe I let you do recon missions.
Axel: I can't believe we survived with him doing recon missions...

"I missed you and I've been having a shitty-ass day."

Saïx: *As self* That's great honey.

Saix's forehead creased, worry etching over his features.

"My fault?"

Axel: Yes, everything is YOUR fault.*Points dramatically at Saïx*
Saïx: Stop pointing before you gouge out someone's eyes.

Axel shook his head, trying his best to lie. "Nah. My friend was just being a prick. I told him about how I went out partying last night and he went right off on me about sleeping with a guy that's ten years older than me."

Axel: Because sleeping with a guy my own age would've been so much safer, you see.

Axel pouted, glancing over at the blue-haired man, slightly worried that he had caused some insult. He noticed the small wince, but decided not to mention it. He knew already that Saïx was very sensitive about his age.

Saïx: twenty-seven is not old.
Axel: *wraps an arm round him* Don't worry Saïx, no matter how old you are, you'll always stay beautifull on the inside!
Saïx: *Tries to inflict bodily harm on Axel*
Axel: *Dodges*

"You ... told someone ... about us?"

"My two best friends. No one major.

Axel: They're both Nobodies, you see.
Saïx: Oh, then it's alright.

No matter what Rox says, he won't go to the police. Promise. And Dem is all for it. ... Kinda.

Axel: *as fic self*...I think. *stares at Demyx*
Demyx: ... I honestly don't care what you and Saïx do to eachother. Actually, I don't wanna know either.

Wait," Axel gasped, rounding on the elder man. "Us? As in, you and me? As in ... a couple?"

Saïx: I'm beginning to suspect your fic-self has some issues.
Axel: What? Really? Are you sure? I don't really think I have enough self-confidence to tell.

The redhead noticed that the man behind the driver's wheel was turning a light shade of pink, not daring to take his eyes off the road as they turned into the lane that led to the fast food joints. Saïx chanced a glance and almost shuddered when he noticed how intense of a stare that Axel was directing at him. "Would you ... call us that?"

Axel: No.
Saïx: Good, we're on the same page then.

Axel smirked, falling back in his seat and bringing up his long-fingered hands to count off the points. "Hmm, let's see. You let me take you home. We've made out. We've fucked. I gave you my number. You called it. I've told my friends. We're going on a date. Even just thinking about you makes it feel hard to breathe." Axel looked up from his digits to spot the blush as it spread farther across the elder's face. "So, yeah, in short, I'd say that we'd be a couple."

Saïx: My, how romantic.
Axel: *Just stares at the screen with a look of disgust*
Demyx: Nice recap.

"I've got a couple to add to that immense list."

Demyx: More recap!

Axel smirked, happy that the man was willing to be so open with him. "Okay, shoot."

"We've danced. You've been in my car. I'm paying for lunch. You make me smile. You make me happy." Axel smiled happily, wanting to nuzzle against the man, but knew that he shouldn't try his luck.

Axel: Those might've applied to my friendship with other people, except for the the first two... no first three.
Saïx: Sea salt Icecream doesn't qualify as lunch.

"But, we'll see. We're going to talk. And then we'll see where we go from there. You might just find me so horrible that you won't want to put up with me."

Axel: Does that mean the fic will end?
Saïx: Probably not.
Axel: *Hits his chair* Bah.

Saïx pulled up in front of a slightly fancy Italian restaurant, smirking at the awestruck expression that fell across Axel's features. The redhead sat up straighter, gaping between the building and the blue-haired man. "You serious? But ... This place is too pricy!"

Saïx: *As fic self*Okay, fine, we'll go to MacDonalds.
Axel: ... Do they have Sea-salt icecream?
Saïx: *Face-palm*

"Don't worry about it. I've got a good-paying job with no one but myself to support."


Saïx leaned over, pressing their lips together, silencing the younger. "No buts. It's my treat, Axel." Breathless, the redhead gave in, refusing to let out the whimper that wanted to explode forth as Saïx moved away from him. Before he could move, he watched as the blue-haired man made his way around the car, opening the door for the blushing redhead.

Demyx: ♫When the moon hits your eye liiiike a big pizza pie♫ *Gets hit in the face with Pizza Cut*
Axel: *to Saïx* He was asking for it.

The elder man led the teen in through the doors, guiding him to a small podium, a waitress moving over to find them a place to sit. The whole time, Axel was fretting about the cost. When he sidled into the booth they had been placed at, Saïx leaned down, hushing in his ear, "If you don't stop worrying, I'll have to buy you the most expensive things on the menu." Axel opened his mouth to complain once more, but found Saix's finger shushing him. "It's alright, babe."

Axel: Alright, I'll have a prosciutto di parma, spaggetti carbonara, a pizza margharita, one with extra cheese, and of course for desert...
Saïx: I can garantuee you that they don't have any sea-salt icecream.
Axel: ...Tiramisu! Sorry what?
Saïx: Never mind.

The word alone made Axel melt, finally hanging his head in defeat.

Axel: Yes, 'Never mind' makes me weak in the knees.
Demyx: I think the story was referring to 'babe'.
Axel: And I think I was trying to ignore that.

He glared playfully up at the blue-haired man, an exaggerated pout creasing his lips. "I'll only have a salad then."

Axel: What? You're at an Italian restaurant, with a guy willing to pay anything, and all you get is a salad? Really?
Demyx: I think it's supossed to emphasize your humble qualities.
Saïx: Which humble qualities?

"Which is more expensive than the pizza." Saïx chuckled at the whine that Axel let out, gripping the teen's hand to gain his attention. "Don't worry about it. Get whatever you want. If you feel you must, you can pay me back later."

"I don't have any money!"

A golden orb was winked at him and he felt his insides boil. "Who said anything about money?" Axel bit back the moan that wanted to escape as his mind quickly fished for another topic of conversation. Emerald orbs staggered to the blue-haired man's forehead and he couldn't help but ask.

Axel: Alright! I'll just whore myself out for... salad... Yeah...

"How'd you get that scar? ... Those scars?"

Demyx: Yeah, how did you get those scars?
Saïx: None of your bussiness.
Axel: ...

Saïx raised his fingers to brush against the 'x' on his forehead and he closed his eyes. "My brother." Axel gaped at his date.

Demyx: You have a brother?
Saïx: I have a brother?
Axel: ... Your brother? Really?



Axel: That's what I was afraid of.

"What the heck did you do to piss him off so bad that he would wanna cut you so bad?"

Axel: If you were any IC in this fic...
Saïx: If you had been any better we wouldn't be here now, would we?
Axel: ...

A shudder visibly rolled over the man's body and Axel regretted asking the question. He didn't like to see Saïx in such discomfort.

Saïx: I think I'm starting to prefer ukefied!Axel.
Axel: Awww, aren't we butthurt.
Demyx: *Stares back and forth between them* Man, I really got to get around watching all the cutscenes one of these days.

Before he could take the question back, however, both golden orbs were staring at him, their owner taking in deep, steadying breaths. "I ... I don't think I'm ready to tell you that yet, Axel."

Axel: *As fic self* But... but... I though we were friends, I mean, lovers.

The redhead nodded, biting at his lower lip. "Ties into your jail time?" Again, Axel regretted asking his question, mentally punishing himself and forcing himself to remember to think before he spoke. To his surprise, Saïx answered him.

"Yes. The whole reason I was in there also gave me these scars."

Demyx: Drugs cartel? Cosa Nostra? Yakuza?

"I-It's okay. Y-You can tell me about it later."

Demyx: Even fic!Axel is scared...
Axel: But fic!me is ukefied, he'll be scared of everything!
Saïx: Except for AIDS apparantly...

A smile was forced upon Saïx's lips and Axel felt a stone sink through the pit of his stomach. He didn't want to cause this man pain.

Saïx: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The same waitress came back to them, asking if they were ready to order. She was gone a moment later, leaving a soft, easy silence between the two. Saïx was the next to speak.

"Your friends; why were they so upset with you for being with me?" It was Axel's turn to cringe.

"Not really so much my friends, plural. Just one. Roxas. He's been my buddy since elementary school. Lately, though, since I've started clubbing and bringing home random guys, he just thinks I'm some whore that's gonna wind up getting all these nasty diseases.

Saïx: You will.

It's not so much us that he doesn't like. It's just ... he's worried for me."

"He sounds like a good kid." Because that's all they are. Kids.

Axel: *twitches*
Demyx: It's funny to see Axel without a spine for once.
Axel: *Mauls Demyx*

"He is. He really is. It's just ... It's just the stupid teenage drama."

Axel: *Groans*
Saïx: Most apt description of this whole fic up till now.

"Ever think he has a good reason to be worried? That maybe he's right?"

Saïx: No, because Axel doesn't think. Very IC, that.
Axel: *glares*

Axel pouted as the woman came back, carrying their drinks and appetizers. They nodded to her before continuing. "You're taking his side? If it wasn't for my whoring around, we wouldn't be sitting here right now."

Saïx: No, we wouldn't.
Demyx: All of this Axel's fault.
Axel: Yea- wait.

Saïx sighed, moving forward a hair in his seat to make their knees brush under the table. "I'm not taking anyone's side. I just think that he has a good point and you could end up getting hurt. You don't abide by the buddy system, do you?"

Axel: Well, well, look at Saïx being the voice of reason.
Saïx: Wouldn't be the first time.

Axel let his eyes fall to the table, slender fingers reaching out to grab at a Mozza Stick. "No one would ever go with me. But, I don't have to worry about that anymore, right? We count as buddies, don't we?" Argument successfully averted, Axel thought with a mild hint of pride. Saïx smirked, nodding.

"Yeah, I suppose we do."

Another stretch of silence, in which time their food came and was laid in front of them. "Where do you work that you can afford all this?" Axel's mouth watered as he began to nibble at what he had ordered.

Saïx: Wall street.
Axel: Behind the bar.
Demyx: Strip club!
Other two: *give Demyx a funny look*
Demyx: What? it worked for Zexion...

"My brother gave me a job, a long time ago, in an advertising department. It's not much, but, I've saved up a lot. Enough to be able to splurge when I feel like it."


Axel: Metal Gear?

Saïx nodded. "You know, like, slogans and things. I'm one of the people that thinks up some of those slogans."



Axel: ORLY?
Demyx: YA RLY!
Axel: NO WAII!
Saïx: *Hits them both*

"You aren't just saying that to look even more impressive?"

"It's all me, babe."

Axel: *With icepack* Good, because that would've ranked you below Leisure Suit Larry.

"What was the last one made public?"

Saïx thought about it for a few minutes, tapping his chin while chewing. "Do you remember that jingle a few years ago for the sea salt ice cream treats? The one that goes like-" Saix began to hum a little tune and Axel's face brightened.

Axel: That's not how the jingle goes.
Demyx: How in the world do you even HEAR it?
Axel: Magic!
Saïx: Seasalt icecream fetishism.

"That was you?"

"Some of it, yeah."

"But that was, like, three years ago. Roxas was obsessed with it for his fourteenth birthday! Oh, I still remembr that!"

A wince from the blue-haired man made Axel quirk his head, the words dying in his throat. "What did I say?"

"What time do you need to be back, Axe?"

Axel: LLLLL!
Demyx: Intresting sounds you're making there, Axel.
Saïx: You should've seen him a few chapters back.

The redhead pouted. "Soon, I guess? I dunno. One thirty, maybe. Class starts at one thirty."

"We'll have to get outta here soon, kiddo."

"I'm not a kid."

"You'd get me thrown back in jail, so, you're a kid."

Saïx: That's why I'm dating you right now.
Axel: Yes, you were always such a thrill seeker.
Demyx: *stares at the screen confused*

-snip-Saïx has chocolate sauce on his mouth, Axel kisses it off-snip-

The redhead grabbed one last Mozza Stick, sticking it in his mouth while he went to wait for his boyfriend in the car. By the time that Saïx caught up to him, Axel was already in a daze-like state, the time with the man washing over him.

Axel: I see Saïx can be qualified as a drugs now.
Saïx: I think that's what love's supossed to do to you.
Demyx: It is what love does to you *sighs dreamily*
Axel & Saïx: *Stare*
Demyx: What, you guys have never been in love before? Or your somebodies I mean?

"Hey, Axe?"

Axel: LLLLL!

They were heading back to the redhead's school. Said redhead glanced at the elder man. "Keep in touch, okay?"

"When can you come over again?"

The blue-haired man frowned. "Not until sometime next week."

"You ... You don't have anyone at home waiting for you, do you? Like, a wife or something?"

"What? Where'd this come from?"

"Well, it's just, you keep saying that we can't be together all the time and all this stuff."

Axel: Under. Age. Jailbait. Repeat-offender.

"Trust me. It's not because I have anyone at home."

"When do I get to know?"

Saïx pulled into the long driveway that led to the school. "When do you turn eighteen?"

Demyx: Oh, you're still a minor.
Axel: Only according to the fic.

"Six months."

"Well, then, that's when you get to be mine for real."

Axel: Now I'm disturbed.

"I have to wait that long?"

"That's when we can tell the world we're together. If you think I'm good enough and we're still together, you could even spend the night at times."

"Why not now?"

"I'll get thrown back into jail."

Axel rolled his head back, tired of the circles they were running. "Just tell me, please? I have a right to know, don't you think?"

Saïx pulled up where he had picked the redhead up. Axel had his hand on the handle, knowing he would get no answer from the man. He stiffened when he felt fingers grip his wrist. "Do you really want to know, Axel?"

Axel: No.


Axel: Screw you too.
Saïx: Yes, curse at them, then they might hear you.

"According to the courts, I'm a pedophile.

Demyx: This is strangley remniscent of akuroku fics, don't you think?
Saïx: !

But, I'll tell you more later, okay? If you want, that is. You have to get to class."

Axel fell back in his seat. "A .. A pedophile? How old was the kid?"

Saïx: Seventeen
Demyx: fifteen
Axel: Seven.
Saïx: What?
Axel: *Shrugs*


Demyx: Yay, I win!
Axel: We had a contest?

Taking a deep, shuddering breath, Axel forced his eyes to stay trained on the hand that was gripping his wrist.

"You ... You said you couldn't see me until next week?"

The two sat for a moment more in silence until Saïx nodded. "Well, call me. You know my number. Call me the second that we can be together, okay? I'll miss you."

Axel took another deep breath, leaning over and kissing the elder man on the lips, feeling only the slightest bit dirty. If anything, he felt guilty. He could get this man he barely knew - but yet already cared so much for - into so much trouble.

Saïx: As opossed to the man that he has known all his life, but doesn't really seem to give a damn about.
Axel: What are you talking about, I would give my life for that guy.
Saïx: What?
Axel: He's just not in this room right now, is he?
Saïx: Ugh.


The redhead stopped the moment that his name was hushed from those lips, his fingers wrapped around the door handle. "Yeah?"

"I think ... I think I'm falling for you."

Saïx: *Looks disgusted*
Axel: *Puking into emergency puking bag*
Demyx: Saïx isn't too bright in this, is he?

"We'll see in a few weeks. You'll get sick of me after a while." Axel waited for the hand to slip away from his arm before shoving out of the car, scampering off to grab his book bag.

Saïx & Axel: ...
Demyx: And, uh, a few weeks later, Saïx caught influenza from kissing a sick Axel!

To Be Continued

-gasp- Tell me what you think. :D

Demyx: It's refreshing to see Axel ukefied for once!
*Silence but the chirping of the sporking theatre crickets*
Demyx: Oh c'mon you guys. We've got like... *looks* Holy shit, eighteen chapters! How the hell are we going to survive this?
Axel & Saïx: ...
Demyx: Guys, I don't care what's going on, but I can't spork on my own.
Axel: Demyx, why don't you go get us some drinks. Lots of drinks, and crisps, and candy and...
Demyx: Okay, okay, I'll bugger off for a bit.

This is gonna be a long ride you guys! Stay tuned for part two!
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